Street Life Ministries was developing plans to launch a Christian Rehab program in the San Mateo County, and I was in charge of marketing it. We wanted to get some early supporters onboard, so I prepared a simple promo video and emailed it to a handful of top Street Life supporters. One of those supporters saw the video, loved the plans, and gave us a $1,000,000 challenge: he will match every donation up to $1,000,000.

So, we started working on promo material for this new program, and one of the first things we needed was a strong video. Our generous supporter is a big financial guy, so he helped us write a powerful script, and get it narrated. Then he handed the audio to me, and I produced this video:

The video was planted at the top of a webpage for the fundraiser, and it pretty much answers every question someone might have about the Rehab program. This was my first time working with a big-time investor on a promo video, and it was an awesome experience. I think I was able to keep the video fun and visually appealing, while still sticking to his message.


This fundraiser launched in Summer of 2021 and will continue until Winter of 2021. I hope Street Life can raise the money, a program like this will have a beautiful impact on the San Mateo County community.

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