A local beauty salon, called The Refinery, wanted an Ad they could use to get more people into their shop. They offered a variety of services and they wanted to showcase them all. So, we did a lot of brainstorming, captured a bunch of content, and produced this ad:

This was shot a few months into covid. People were wearing masks everywhere and we knew ladies where thinking about how their eyes and brows looked (because when half of your face is covered, the other half gets more attention). We also knew that the customer base for this shop is middle-aged women, so we used middle-aged models, and gave the video a relaxed vibe.

The footage was captured by a friend of The Refinery, while the scripting, planning, and production were done by me.

This was my first Ad for the beauty industry, and I learned a lot. Huge shoutout to The Refinery for working with me! Love you guys!! ❤❤

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