John Farley is a good friend and excellent Hypnotist. He was trained by Mike Tysonโ€™s personal Hypnotist, and has done phenomenal work over the years. One time he even invited me to a hotel to walk on broken glass. He hypnotized me and I walked on it without getting a scratch.


John was developing an online program to share some of the knowledge he carries. But he wanted a YouTube ad that would spark peopleโ€™s curiosity and draw them to him. So, we spent hours upon hours brainstorming, and this is what we created:

John is a powerful writer, motivational speaker, "practical psychologist," and the founder of a unique style of ninjutsu. Many of the ideas in the video are his while I added the simple aesthetics that he requested - he didn't want anything fancy. Instead, he wanted a simple story that would create curiosity, spark the imagination and cause viewers to take action.


Very fun video to make. To book John for corporate speaking engagements, visit


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