Street Life Ministries is a non-profit that serves the homeless community on the mid-peninsula. They host street churches where the homeless community can come grab a warm meal, listen to uplifting music, and hear an encouraging sermon.

Local pastors and community members are recruited to help with this. And one night at a train-station in Menlo Park, a motorcycle pastor pulled up to preach a sermon. He spoke from his heart and definitely touched a few people there. After his sermon, he jumped on his bike and road off into the sunet.

I had my camera with me, and I jumped back and forth between capturing videos and snapping pictures.


We got a video of him preaching:

Then we snapped a picture of him having a moment with someone from the homeless community.

After his sermon, we got a picture of him hopping on his bike:

And a video of him ridding off into the sunset!

It was special having this motorcycle preacher visit, and it’s cool we where able to capture the experience through pretty pictures and videos! 😊


All the video footage was shot vertically so that it would look better when it got posted to Instagram and Facebook.

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