Celebrity Barber Austin O. Holloway is a talented Barber who works hard and knows how to market himself. We wanted to show people what it feels like to visit him and get a dope haircut, so we decided to shoot a promo video.

We started by picking a model and giving ourselves 2 hours to shoot (even though his haircuts are usually done in less than an hour). This was we could redo shots and get the exact looks we were going for.

We shot 34 minutes of footage and I was really torn between making this video 15 seconds or 30 seconds. But because of the intricacy and detail of his haircuts, we decided to make the video 30 seconds long. We picked a song that Austin loves and used the dramatic build up in the song to give the video a dramatic feel. Then we added in sound effects to make it feel like you where there and we colored it to look identical to the barbershop (I love things that are authentic like that).

This was the final result! And this was Austin's reaction!

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