Construction Company Guide

Advanced Homes is a “specialist” construction company based out of Los Angeles. They design, install, and maintain Central Vacuum Systems (a vacuum that is built into the walls of a home).

It’s a hard service for people to understand and a harder service for people to pick a “good company”. So, instead of telling people “we are the best! pick us!”, we decided to create a guide to help people understand “what” makes a good “Central Vacuum Company”.

After multiple brainstorming sessions with the business owner and a lot of writing, the final result was ready. You can take a look at it here.

Advanced Homes still uses this on their website and regularly gets calls from people who are 100% sold on hiring Advanced Homes (and no one else). Probably because this “guide” sets a high standard and the competition does not meet that standard.

Even the legendary advertiser, John Carlton (who was coaching Tommy at the time)said this guide was rock solid.

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