Street Life Ministries is a Christ-following non-profit that helps homeless people get off the streets. I was running their social medias and I wanted to do a strong post for Easter. I didn’t have a good camera at the time, so I sorted through a bunch of old photos and found one from 2017 that I liked:

You have a group of Street Life volunteers praying here, before they start serving. It’s really a beautiful picture, but it doesn’t grab your attention. So, I made the image brighter:

Now that’s more energetic. Let’s get even more creative though. Let’s make the sky blue and put clouds up there that say Jesus.

Boom!! That grabs my attention! We just need a good caption to go with it. So, I did some thinking and praying, and this hit me:


Happy GOOD Friday!


It’s a challenge to love our neighbors on the street. They are people and they push our buttons. But Jesus showed us it’s possible to love ANYONE. He forgave people who were murdering him slowly when he prayed: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.


And if Jesus could do it, why can’t we? 😊 ❤❤





We’ve found that positive and uplifting post usually do the best. People don’t want to hear about depression, they want to hear about how someone overcame depression. This post just rang with positivity and it’s a post that personally encouraged me. So, it was no surprise when it did really well on Facebook and Instagram.

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