Street Life Ministries (a ministry that helps homeless people get off the streets) made it through 2020 even though it was a rough year. They lost donations, volunteers, and their clothing closet (because of restrictions). But God restored every one of those things. By the end of 2020, donations broke a new record, volunteer positions where full, and a generous donor bought a mobile clothing closet for the ministry. You’re looking at that mobile clothing closet. It opened a new door for the ministry to reach homeless folks in the community. Because instead of requiring people to visit one physical location, this mobile clothing travels around to multiple popular locations, and that gives more people access to clothing and necessary supplies.

I wanted to show people how awesome this new clothing closet is, so I took a picture of it in with my iPhone.

It’s a good picture, but there’s nothing dramatic or eye-catching about it. So, I jumped in Adobe Lightroom and spiced up the colors.

I like that better. Now I wantpeople to focus on the homeless gentleman who is getting served, but he doesn’t stick out too much. So, I jumped in Adobe Photoshop, and did some magic.

That's what I’m talking about!!

We just need a solid caption to go with it, so how about this!


This is our famous “Mobile Clothing Closet”. You can find it in Redwood City, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto handing out good clothes and shoes to our neighbors on the streets. It is LOADED TO THE BRIM right now. We literally CANNOT fit any more clothes in that thing, because our community has SWAMPED us with clothing donations 😂😂 thank you 🙏🏻it’s a good problem to have ❤️




I posted it on Instagram and Facebook, and it got a really positive comment-section-conversation going! That’s a win in my books! :)

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