Old Town Antiques is a 10,000sq ft Antique Shop in Downtown Salinas. The shop is loaded with treasures, and I’m in charge of sharing those treasures with the world, through social media.

One day I was scanning through the shop, taking pictures of things that look interesting, and this vintage movie theater chair caught my eye. I snapped a few pictures, edited them, and did some research… it turns out this chair was from a famous theatre in LA, and it's about 80 years old. How cool!

So, I put together this post for Instagram:


Vintage movie theater seat from LA’s famous “El Rey Theatre”. From 1936 to 1986, the El Rey Theatre was a single-screen movie theatre, and this was one of her seats (the El Rey Theatre still exists, but it is no longer a theatre, it’s become a live music venue). Come take a look at this piece of history, in Salinas’ Old Town Antiques.

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