A shop in Salinas called “Old Town Antiques” wanted to host their first event ever. They had 34 vendors and wanted to do something interesting that would get new people to visit the shop. We brainstormed different ideas, found one we liked, and got busy.


First, I played with words, until I found the right combination to describe this event: “50s Night Out in Salinas”. Then I made a poster for the event:

The visuals on this poster are very intentional. In the background you have a picture of the shop (which is an iconic building in the middle of town), then we have a couple dressed in 50s style clothes (not too fancy – not too casual), and finally we had VERY intentional wording (in a font that is fun and readable).


I printed up a 3-foot poster of this and called a meeting with the 34 vendors. I told them our plans and about 15 of them volunteered to help host the event.


After that meeting, Ernest (one of the owners of The Beerded Bean - a coffee shop next to this Antique Shop) said he would like to collaborate with us on the event. So, we created and printed 4” x 6” flyers that where double-sided, described the event, and our collaboration with The Beerded Bean.

We distributed 300 of these to customers at The Beerded Bean and Old Town Antiques.


The wording on these was also VERY intentional.


Next, we designed, printed, and hung two 6’ x 3’ banners in the store windows.

Then it was time to start doing digital promotions. We lined up photo and video shoots with 3 vintage models. We wrote up scripts for them to follow (to keep our messaging clear and consistent), and we shot videos and photos with each of them.

This was the first video we shared to promote the event:

This post blew up and reached 5,628 accounts without spending a dollar promoting it.


Then we just started flooding our social media with promotional pictures and videos about the event, like these:

After 2-weeks of heavy, consistent, marketing… the event happened. And it was a hit!


Here are some pictures:

Old cars pulled up, couples were dressed from head-to-toe, and people had fun!


This antique shop had been through a lot. A change in owners, surviving the pandemic, and many other challenges. But this felt like a new chapter. And that’s a beautiful thing 😊


All the promo from this event, had a significant impact on their Instagram account:

✔️ Accounts Reached went up by 543%

✔️ Accounts Engaged went up by 81%

✔️ 261 new followers were gained

✔️ And the number of vendors in the shop increased from 34 to 41.


The main goal was to get new people in the shop and help them feel welcome. I think that goal was accomplished! 😊

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