2020 was coming to an end and covid had left a big impact on this non-profit: Street Life Ministries They help homeless folks get off the streets, and covid had increased homelessness while decreasing their volunteers and food donations.

I started working with them in summer of 2020 and when December started to approach, they came to me and said: “we need to do something big for our end of the year ask”. Because December is when all the biggest donations come in and they really needed donations.

So, I teamed up with a VERY talented videographer named Laura Ferro and we produced this video:

2020 was a hard year for people, so we wanted to make a video that was positive and focused on all the good that happened in 2020. We didn't even ask for donations in the video... but we got them...


I was in charge of scripting this video and Laura was in charge of shooting it. She was a dream to work, she gave me phenomenal feedback on my writing, and she killed the visuals. I love Laura!!


When we published this to our socials, it absolutely exploded, and Street Life hit a record number of donations. It was amazing being a part of this! 🙌🏻

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