Grocery Cart Ad for Realtor

The Client was an excellent Bay Area Realtor named Johnny Heckenberg. He was regularly running ads on local grocery carts (but we were not sure if the ads where getting results).

So, we created a scheme for people looking to find a good Realtor!

We recorded Johnny reading this script. It gave them useful info and tips to help them find a good realtor in the Bay Area and right at the end of the message Johnny would talk a little about himself and say: “if you would like me to give you a call, just leave a short message after the beep and I will personally call you”.

Then we created an ad to draw people to that recorded message, take a look:

We used software to track the calls and voicemails, so it was easy to see our results.

The psychology was all about being helpful (and this is a GREAT way to gain people’s trust). That’s why we kept it simple and had a very specific message for a very specific audience.  

Sadly, the ad was never run because of a communication issue with the grocery store ;( But it was a lot of fun to make and I HIGHLY recommend Johnny Heckenber. Here’s his site!

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