Have you ever tried Magnetic Lashes before? I sure hadn’t – and I had never even heard of them until the Love Magnet Lashes team reached out to me and asked me to create an Ad for them.


Before I could start, I needed to know a heavy amount of information about the product and people that use it. So, the Love Magnet Lashes team sent me loads of material and spent hours talking with me about the product. Once I finally understood the product and the audience, we were ready to get started.


First, I wrote the caption and then the script for the Ad to follow. Next, we hired a local model, found a location to shoot it at, and shot the video. After that we jumped in the editing room and fine-tuned the video. This is the final result. It’s designed to be short, sweet, and simple:


Big thank you to the Love Magnet Team for making this happen! Specifically, Jesslyn, I love your vision for the brand and what you’re doing with its Instagram, and Jackie I love your drive! It is exciting and inspiring working with you!! Also, thank you to our model Kylee, I love how expressive you are, and how fun you are to work with!!

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