Budd used to way 270 pounds. Now he eats healthy, trains constantly, and weighs 203 pounds. Budd and I met last weekdecided to do a shoot together that shows: hard work and no excuses, even when you don’t feel like putting in the work.

We started with Budd in bed fighting his first battle: the alarm clock. Then we had him go through his morning routines (which set him up for success). And we ended with him running 6 miles.

Terry, a friend of Budd’s, joined us for the jog. And these two guys where so dang encouraging, that I ended up running the full 6 miles with them. I could barely walk the next day 😂 BUT I think it was worth it for the shots 😜

Post production took 10 hours of editing, coloring, and sound design. And I feel great about the result! Big shoutout to Budd for the vision and just being an awesome guy to work with. If you live close to Fondren and want an encouraging physical trainer who knows what its like to be fat and out of shape, Budd’s the guy for you @buddlegendary

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