The Beerded Bean is a popular coffee shop in Salinas, CA that has Open Mic Nights every Friday from 7 – 10pm. Musicians, poets, and comedians jump on the mic and give it their best shot, while the audience hangs out and enjoys beer, coffee, or hot chocolate (it’s a nice place to enjoy a friday night, without being around drunk people or loud music).


I wanted to communicate the entire experience in less than 20 seconds. So, I captured a bunch of different sounds (downtown Salinas noises, crowd noises in the shop, and actual music that was being playing). Then I captured specific video clips. Starting with Salinas arch, because every local knows where that is, and then continuing with a bunch of different clips from inside the shop. Showing the atmosphere and what was going on.


After capturing all the audio and video footage I wanted, I went home and did a bunch of editing. This was the final result:

I’m happy with this. It quickly and accurately shows you what an Open Mic Night looks like at The Beerded Bean. And my client was happy with it too! He texted me: “Beautiful work man!” 😊

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