There is an AWESOME pinball arcade in Seaside called Lynn’s Arcade. You pay $15 at the door and get to play pinball and drink beer all night. It’s very relaxing and everyone acts like a kid, in a good way. There’s smiles on everyone’s faces and people are just having fun. It’s a special feeling and we wanted to communicate that in a short but powerful Ad, so this is what we came up.



Right off the bat we name-drop Seaside, because you need to be local to use this arcade, then we jump into the experience and SHOW people what it’s like to walk into that arcade and spend a few hours with your friends.


I’m a big believer in “Show me don’t tell me”. Because I don’t like manipulating people, I don’t like using psychological tricks to get people to do stuff. Even though I am very aware of different tricks. I like to pick people and products that are genuinely awesome and then just SHOW that awesomeness. So, with this pinball arcade, I’m not dramatizing anything. I'm just showing you what it feels like to walk through those doors.

That's my two cents on marketing psychology.

Thank you to John for giving me the opportunity and thank you to my trusty actor for being patient and willing to help!

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