I was running Street Life Ministries social medias and we needed a fresh new post that connected with our audience and reminded them of the work we where doing (Street Life Ministries helps homeless people get off the streets in the Bay Area).  BUT we didn’t have any exciting new pictures or announcements to make. So, I dug through some old pictures and found one I liked:

It’s a good picture, but it just doesn’t catch your eye. So, I jumped in photoshop and made some changes, then I jumped in lightroom and made more changes. This was the results:

Now that pops. We just need a catchy caption to go with it. So, I did some reading and found a quote I loved:

“The highest form of worship is to find the least among you and treat them like Jesus.” -Mother Terresa

This feels good. We have an eye-grabbing photo and a catchy caption. Let’s put it out there:

We spent $15 boosting it on Facebook and it took off. 27 people shared it and 2,325 people saw it. For a community-based non-profit, that’s awesome!

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