This isn’t just a buff cool guy. His name is Manny, and he had a serious eating disorder just 9 months ago. Even though he always worked out, he always had a belly, and he had a weird relationship with food…

...Whenever Manny sat down to eat, he would think: “you never know when you’re going to eat again, so you better eat it all” and he would… He would DoorDash Taco Bell to his front door, eat the food, and burry the food containers at the bottom of the garbage can, so his wife wouldn’t see it… And almost every morning Manny would go to Starbucks for a venti latte and 2 coffee cakes. One day they were out of coffee cakes. So, he drove to another Starbucks, and they were out too. So, he drove to another Starbucks and another Starbucks, until he visited every Starbucks in Monterey County. Nobody had his favorite coffee cake. So, he drove to a gas station and bought 2 coffee cakes to satisfy his addiction.

His wife noticed, his physical trainer noticed, and after that crazy coffee cake run, Manny noticed. So, he bought himself a copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Book, went through it, and quickly realized he had a real addiction.

Manny started attending Overeaters Anonymous meetings, working the 12-steps, and got himself a sponsor. He quickly learned that he was using food to comfort himself. After 30 days clean, he had an uncomfortable argument with his wife, and then relapsed and ate 3 bags of chips. When Manny finally saw what was going on, it brought him to his knees, and he surrendered food to God.

That. Changed. Everything.

Meals became a time of worship. Manny thanks God for his food and asks Him when to stop eating and walk away. “Because my soul began to change, my body began to change” Manny says. And that’s why he isn’t just a buff cool guy.

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