The Beerded Bean is a coffee shop that prides itself on quality. From their $23,000 espresso machine to their friendly smiles. A lot of love, time, and attention is put into each cup of coffee. And we wanted to capture that in a video. So, we took an actual customer’s order and filmed the process of making his drink.


Then in the editing room, I picked a song that matched the environment of the shop: J. Cole’s “Work Out”. I’d heard it on the shop’s speakers before and it had a good beat. Then I added sound effects, visual effects, and enhanced the coloring. This was the final result!


Big shoutout to James for being so patient and helpful in shooting this (I love you, James!). And thank you Jonathan for helping us model and letting us take 20 minutes to make your drink 😜 Also I want to thank Ernest, Eric, and Michael for the opportunities you’ve given me, the skills you’ve helped me develop, and for showing me how to do what you love. You guys inspire me! 😊

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