Rebrand for Construction Company

Advanced Homes is a “specialist” construction company based out of Los Angeles. They design, install, and maintain Central Vacuum Systems (a vacuum that is built into the walls of a home).

They are an excellent company, but they had 1 large problem: they looked like everyone else. There was nothing special about them. At least online.

Take a look at their old website vs a competitor’s website:

If you take a close look, you will notice that the websites are almost identical. They have the same tabs and extremely similar wording. That’s because both websites had been designed by their distributer (and they had the same distributor).

They drove plain white vans and just looked normal in every way imaginable.

We decided to change that.

First, we gave them a new slogan

I noticed that the company has a lot of knowledge and regularly shares it with Clients over the phone or in person. So, we decided to make that our competitive. This would be the one company you could count on for good advice. And why could you trust their advice? Because they have a ridiculous amount of experience!

Second, we gave them a new look

We wanted people to think “these guys seem professional” and “I feel comfortable with them”. Colors are a powerful way to help that internal conversation. We decided to have a very professional logo and use a lot of blue (to communicate that professionalism). Then we would use small touches of brown here and there to soften the touch. We hired a talented artist named Jellafora to help bring this vision to life.

Third, we gave them a new mascot

We wanted something that would give the company an iconic look while communicating “this is what we do”. After some careful research we found this very talented illustration artist and he helped us create the following mascot.

Fourth, we gave them a new website (with an online store)

We wanted something modern, professional, and useful. We meticulously designed plans to make this website very unique and very useful. Advanced Homes had to rethink their services and create a few new services to accommodate this new website.

We took those plans to an excellent web designer named Josh and he got right to work.

The final result was a VERY unique website that had an online shop, a ridiculous amount of
useful information, and an easy to understand (very professional) look.

Check it out:

Fifth (and finally), we wrapped their van

Our goal was to create a look that really popped and really stood out when you saw it. And when you saw it, we wanted you to understand EXACTLY what this company does within a matter of seconds. This excellent company in LA named Carwraps, helped us make this vision a reality.

Working with Advanced Homes was a real joy and it’s cool to see they are now the kings of LA (when it comes to Central Vacuums). No company even comes close to competing. Good fun!

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