Rebrand for Fitness Company

Koreball is a fitness company that sold an at-home workout device. They wanted to try rebranding to see if it would help them grow. So, we did a heavy amount of market research, then got right to work.

First, we gave them a new slogan

Their original slogan was “your on the go fitness solution" and that was fine until we did our research and found that it was not a very strong appeal. Because only a few people travel all the time. A much larger crowd of people would like a nice at-home workout tool that they could travel with (if they felt like). And out of that, a new slogan appeared:

"1piece of equipment that can replace an entire gym."

Simple, powerful, and 100% true.

After giving them a new slogan, we were ready for the next step.

Secondly, a new strategy

They sold a product you could buy from their website and they would post workout videos on YouTube (to show you routines you could do with their device).

But people don't buy a workout device to own it, they but it to get fit, to look sexy(because who doesn’t want to look and feel good).

So, how about we shift the focus onto helping people get fit (and the workout device would just be an easy tool to make that happen).

We got to work and brainstormed 42 different workouts you could do with this device and we sorted each of those into different sections: abs, arms, legs, and full bodywork outs.

Then we created easy, medium, and hard workout routines that took 5 minutes, 15minutes, or 30 minutes.

And we put this all on the website under a new section titled “workouts”.

So, people could go to the website to get a good solid workout and the workouts could get harder and longer as they got better.

This change was good. In fact, it was so good that a year later I still use the “workout” section once a week to help me work my arms and abs.

After this major change, we were ready for the final step!

And finally, ferocious animals

To show the intensity that this brand represented.

It was fantastic working with these guys (shoutout to Rick Warren), and you can see the final entire new website and rebrand we created for them on this private link.

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