This was a fun wedding to shoot because the couple was so darn cute and open to letting me try a fun idea on them. I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite shots from this wedding, starting with this beautiful reaction shot. The bridesmaids dresses contrasted the bride's dress in a soft and beautiful kind of way, so we arranged the girls in a half circle around her, and got their live reaction. It was priceless and I was smiling from ear to ear!

This next shot was an idea I pitched to the Bride and Groom and they said: "let's try it". So we had the bride walk out to her first look with an FPV drone following her. Then we had the drone circle her and the groom when they embraced. We had a backup camera running just in case this didn't work, but I LOVE how it turned out!!

It had been really overcast that entire day, but right after the wedding ended, the sun peaked out just enough to give us some beautiful sunset shots. I like to get the couple doing some type of movement together, whether they're walking or kissing or giggling at each other, it just looks really cute to see the couple interacting with each other!

Annnnnd the send off. I just thought they looked really cute walking and dipping each other here! And they had paid for a beautiful antique care to drive them away, so I definitely had to get some shots of that, and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

The full video for this couple was not edited or directed by me. I prefer my wedding videos to have a more warm and feminine look to them (like the shots you see above, which were edited by me), and I really like to include audio from the wedding. But this wedding was someone else's project and they  hired me to just do the shooting. But nonetheless, here is the final result:

It was an honor to share the day with this sweet sweet couple. May they have a very happy marriage full of many wonderful years together!

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