Shopping Booklet

Advanced Homes is a “specialist” construction company based out of Los Angeles. They design, install, and maintain Central Vacuum Systems (a vacuum that is built into the walls of a home).

Getting a Central Vacuum can be confusing because Central Vacuums are custom built. People have different preferences and there are a lot of different ways you can customize the system.

So, we decided to create a shopping booklet that would show you all the cool different features that Central Vacuums have.

After brainstorming sessions and plenty of writing, this was the final result.

And it worked great! Because now Advanced Homes had useful material to give to people. Whether they found it on the Advanced Homes website, or they were in discussions with Advanced Homes and it got emailed to them. Either way, Advanced Homes had a new way to be useful. And it turns out that a lot of people like to hire companies that try to be “useful” before you give them money 😊

The booklet is still being used to this day.

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