Social Media for Construction Company

Advanced Homes is a “specialist” construction company based out of Los Angeles. They design, install, and maintain Central Vacuum Systems (a vacuum that is built into the walls of a home).

We were running Facebook and Instagram ads and we realized that people had no reason to follow Advanced Homes online (and we wanted people to follow Advanced Homes so we could keep marketing to them after grabbing their attention with ads). So, draw inspiration from ASMR videos, we created this:

Short Videos That Demonstrate 1 Feature

These were easy for the team to produce. You just needed two people and a Central Vacuum. We had them focus on demonstrating something simple in an interesting way. Don’t talk, just set up an interesting scene, and shoot a short video. And there were a million different features to focus on, so it was easy to come up with new ideas.

Large Collection of Content

Now Advanced Homes has a large collection of content that is original, useful, and interesting. It has helped them upsell old Clients and develop new ones. Plus, it’s a good look having your social media full of interesting and original content! 😊

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