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Mo’ Brickz is the name of a Bay Area event company that hosts engaging events at senior retirement homes. Their methods where new and unorthodox, so it took time and a lot of follow-up to convert prospects.

We wanted to make that follow-up process easier for them, so we decided to create a blog that would be interesting and educational.

But if you want something to be “interesting” you need to understand what your audience is thinking about. So before writing anything, we interviewed multiple Clients and did deep research into the industry. THEN we started writing.

And the articles were powerful

From our research, we learned that time is a big problem for the senior care industry, so we wrote an article showing how Mo’ Brickz events gave staff extra time to catch up on tasks.

Mo’ Brickz events require creativity and in our deep research we found studies that had been done on the effects of "creativity" on a senior’s brain. It was fascinating and we turned it into an article.

From our interviews we learned that some decision makers were avoiding Mo’ Brickz events because they thought seniors are too old to play. So, we wrote an article about that.


This style worked great and we kept creating articles until the owner of Mo’ Brickz felt she had enough ammunition. To this day Mo’ Brickz is still using those blogposts to educate their prospects in a fun and engaging way! 😊

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