Street Life Ministries is a non-profit that helps homeless people get off the streets in Redwood City, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto. They are working to launch an exciting new rehab program and they wanted to get a testimonial from Redwood City’s Chief of Police. Soc they put me in charge of getting that.

They introduced me to the Chief by email, I showed him a list of questions I wanted to ask, then we locked in a time for our interview. When I showed up at the police station, I was greeted by an officer and a thick wall of bullet proof glass. I told him I had an interview with The Chief, and he asked me to take a seat. About 10 minutes later, the Chief popped his head out of a door and said: “Hey, are you Tommy?”

He took me through a back door up to his office. I only had 30 minutes to work with and I was nervous, so I worked to setup my equipment as fast as possible... but it still took me about 20 minutes to get everything setup. Thankfully, the Chief was warm, welcoming, and made pleasant small talk with me. When we finally turned the camera on and shot the interview, here is how it turned out:

I didn’t notice how bright it was until I got home. Thankfully I have some awesome video editing software and I was able to correct the visuals. And here is what the final result looked like.

It was awesome getting to spend a half-hour with Redwood City’s Chief of Police and this video is definitely going to be helpful in giving Street Life Ministries credibility with their new fundraising efforts!

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