In Flowood MS, there's one of the coolest trampoline parks you'll ever see, called Defy. Most locals don't know about Defy though, so we wanted to create a fast-paced promo video to draw new people in!

We started by picking a day and time that was fun: friday night lights out! Then I started grabbing very specific shots that made it feel kinda like you where there. I focused on mainly getting shots of older kids and adults (even though there were lots of little kids there) because I didn't want this place to feel like a kids play house. After we shot all the footage it was time to enter the editing room. Here I spent around 8 hours sifting through footage, picking my favorite clips, and editing them together in a way that flowed. Once we had the flow down, I colored the video, added transitions, and sound effects. There where A LOT of sound effects added to this video to make it feel more real. If you listen closely you can catch them (even the boucing on trampolines was added in post).

This was the final result. I'm happy with it! And I heard the corporates at Defy LOVED IT!! (because we had to get their approval before posting it).

Does it feel like a fun trampoline park to you?

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