YouTube Channel (13k subscribers)

13,000+ subscribers, 2.9 million views and 71 videos that hit 10,000+ views.

This is where the whole “content” journey began for me.

I was 14 years old and created a YouTube channel to post videos of me playing games.

After a year of experimenting, I started to get traction when I combined 2 popular topics: Minecraft and Superheroes. That blew up and before you know it YouTube invited me to a private event for YouTubers.

Private Event for YouTubers

I wasn’t a speaker, but they let me sit in the hot seat and take a picture!

My fan base kept growing, before I knew it I had over 13,000 subscribers, 2.9 million views and 71 of my videos had over 10,000 views.

It was crazy.

But then one day it hit me: “I know exactly what to do to become massive on YouTube… and I don’t want to do that”.

YouTube is a VERY hard game BECAUSE you compete with anyone and everyone. So, to become huge I would need to make YouTube my life (working at least 6 hours a day on it) and I did not want that. Friends, family, and school where more important to me.

So, I put it down (5 years later I still have friends from that channel. What a blessing!)

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