This was a dream of mine for months! 😍 I wanted to get good enough to fly through my company’s office while it was full of people.

So I practiced and practiced and praticed… until I knew I was ready. Then I planned and scheduled this shoot.

The goal of this video was to show our office and its different personalities in a fun way.

So we filled the office with 19 of our co-workers, gave them all something interesting to do, and then we started shooting!

Immediately my hands started shaking violently… I was super nervous to be performing of these maneuvers around and next to people… I did the fly through twice, but I didn’t like how my shots were looking. I was just too stiff. So, I took a deep breathe, had everyone get back in their positions, and I attempted a 3rd flight. This was the result!!

BIG thank you to my co-workers at MWB who believe in me and are crazy enough to try my ideas! 🥰

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