Digital ads, branding, and content that sounds like it was written by you and looks like it was produced by a pro

Because you have enough going on in your life. You don’t need another person asking you “what should I do?” we like to interview our Clients thoroughly, do our research on their industry, and then come to them with ideas that will help grow their business. But we don’t stop there. When we land on an idea that everyone likes, we completely handle the execution (even if we need to bring in more artists to make it happen).

We specialize in three types of digital marketing:

1) Ads –that understand the viewer and trigger them to do something.
2) Branding– that understands the market and the audience.
3) Content –that is fun or interesting for people to consume.

“How can you produce this much variety and still be excellent?”

Because each of those specialties require two things: (1) good listening, and (2) an excellent artist. Listening is my strongest gift and collaborating with artists is my passion.

I am better than the average joe at graphics design and video production, so if we want something simple and low budget, I can handle that. But if we want to create something excellent, we will need to bring in a second or third artist, and I know where to find them. Whether we need a videographer, web designer, graphics designer, you name it – I can find it.

“The digital world is confusing; I don’t know where to start.”

It really can be. Reach out to me, let’s talk, and I will help you understand where to start (I’m an internet kid, I grew up on this stuff).

“What about your competition?”

They love to “specialize” in a niche that is easy to duplicate, like: “Facebook Ads for Dentists”. Once they figure out how to make a "Dentist Ad” work, then they copy and paste what they learned across hundreds of other dentists.

This works if you are not unique and only need help with one piece of your digital marketing. But if you are unique and want help with more than one piece, this method isn’t too helpful. With my Clients, I start with a blank canvas. I first learn everything about them, their business, their industry, their clients, and their competition. Then we create a digital marketing plan and we tweak that until the owner loves it. After that, we execute the plan.

It’s probably not the most efficient thing in the world, but I don’t work for money, I work out of love, and it annoys me if I only help a business half-way 😜

"Is there any reason to start now?"

Yes. I am a rare bread with limited time. I grew up around entrepreneurs and have been a marketer since I was 15 and making viral videos on YouTube. The famous ad writer John Carlton told me a few years ago: “you’re better than 90% of the rookies out there”, after he privately coached me in the marketing psychology for 3-months.  My future is bright and filled with a lot of happy business owners.

But my scheduled is almost fully booked (I have space for 2 more clients). So, if this looks good to you, take a look at my "Masterpieces", and if you’re still interested, send me a message.

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