This was the biggest shoot I had ever been on. Everything was scripted months in advance, we had directors, we had props, we had actors, we had makeup artists, we had stylists, and we had an excellent gaffer (someone who sets up lighting).

☺️ This was my first big shoot with @mwbcreate and it was my job to shoot and edit a 30s video for @visitms to run as an Ad on social media.

After 6 days of shooting and 35 hours of editing, this is what I came up with!

🎥 Damien (@damienblaylockphoto) is the main reason these shots look so beautiful. He’s our Director of Photography and he would set up these shots and let me shoot right next to him (while he was shooting horizontally for TV). Damien is very thoughtful and patient with his shots. And I’m learning a lot from him.

📝 Randy (@randyinms) is the reason this video tells a fun story. He was the Creative Director over this project, he scripted the video before hand and he helped me refine the video after hand. He understands storytelling, he’s excellent with his words, and he’s a real kind person.

🎵 And Cole (@rcf_rcf) is the reason this video sounds beautiful. He’s our Composer, and he sat down with me to create an entire song for this, from scratch. Cole’s a passionate person and super talented musician.

i love working with these guys ☺️

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