Backstage at a performance, in June of 2022 I approached Sam Corridoni and said “I LOVE watching you dance. Let’s shoot something together!”

He gave me his number, and we didn’t shoot anything… until May of 2023, when he texted me and said: “It’s been a long time coming, but I’m wondering if we can finally collab on a video… I fell in love with a song off of Ed Sheeran’s new album while sitting in a laundry mat the other day. Then I thought “a dance video in a laundry mat sounds like a cool vibe and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before.”

I immediately loved the idea. We jumped on a call and expanded the idea into a video about a guy who goes to a laundry mat, zones out and dreams he is dancing. Then we location location scouted, found the perfect place, and shot this beauty… while the laundry mat was open and people were doing there laundry 😂

After the shoot we went to the editing room and spent 16 hours turning this video into something we felt proud of. And this is the final result!

Big thank you to Jiri Voborsky for helping with the choreography and Amara Beal for giving a dancer’s perspective in the editing room.

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