I ran.

For my life I was running.

My past had shown its face and my response…frantic, fearful running. 

I ran when the going got tough…even though I was in a safe place. 

Fear of being embarrassed, guilt, shame…running was my fake escape. 

This man, who literally hates cardio, ran. For six years, I ran. 

Ran to the end of my rope, the edge of a cliff, a fork in the road…a choice to be made. 

One direction, face these wounds, ugly parts of me, fears and failures…deal with them head on. 

The other, running, running, running. Until death I would be running. 

I chose the former! 

Faced my past, met this monster face to face and though afraid, found freedom. 

No longer running but standing firm. I am healing. Becoming the man I always wanted to be. Growing.

Daniel Prewitt x Tommy Beal

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